Brooder/Heat Lamps & Accessories

CD Pro-Power Cords Inc Brooder lights are constructed with 10.5” highly polished aluminum reflectors, high heat porcelain sockets, protective bulb guard, hanger and high quality power cords.  Brooder Lights available in other lengths. Please contact us for information.

Brooder Heat Lamp

Brooder Lights

Item #Description/Gauge/CondLengthPackageWeight
BL186Regular Brooder 18/2 SJTW 61010
BL186F Regular Brooder 18/2 SPT-2 61010
BL186LC18/2 Long Neck w/Clamp 669
BL186WC18/2 Brooder with Clamp 6811
BL189 Regular Brooder 18/2 SJTW 91013
BL189WC18/2 Brooder with Clamp 9814
BL189WS18/2 SJTW Brooder with Switch 91013
BL16916/2 Long Neck 969
BL161216/2 SJTW Brooder Light 12610
 Brooder Heat Lamp

Brooder Replacement Cords

Item #Description/Gauge/CondLengthPackageWeight
BL186Cord 18/2 62512
BL189 Cord 18/2 92513
BL169Cord 16/2 92514
BL1612Cord 16/2 122515
 Brooder Light Accessories

Brooder Accessories

Item #Description/Gauge/CondPackageWeight
8110Socket 103
#2 Clamp 103
#1 ReflectorLong Neck ReflectorN/A 1N/A
#2 ReflectorRegular Neck Reflector N/A N/A
 4-Heat Lamps

Heat Bulbs For Brooder Lamps

Item #Description/Gauge/CondWattsPackageWeight
125HL Heat Bulb 125124
250HLHeat Bulb 250124
250HLRGRed Glass 250124

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